Welcome to the Kidd Commander WikiaEdit

Kidd Commander is a shonen style adventure comic about a bunch of silly people on a trip to catch the sun, whatever that means. You can vote for it on TWC or support it on Patreon!

Major Characters Edit

Kidd Commander features two major characters with many strong supporting roles. The story line follows these two characters (Phineas Kidd and Ulrich Weiss) in their amazing adventures in sun catching.

Phineas Kidd Edit

Phineas Kidd is a young girl turned commander. She has an affinity for violence, and the power to back it. There is still mystery behind what happened to Phineas to prompt the change to a commander, but it should be known that she consented it. Without a care in the world she goes all in with no care for her own well being occasionally leaving a few scars afterwards.

Ulrich Weiss Edit

Ulrich Weiss is a German-born hustler whose motives for being in Last Chance are unknown. There are a lot of theories created by fans about Ulrich, one of which involves him having a life threatening illness such as cancer. While Ulrich's true motives for staying with Phineas are unknown it has been revealed that he has at least one medical condition. It was revealed that he wears a hearing aid which also appears to act as a prosthesis for a section of ear that appears to be missing.